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On May 16, 1915, Palms joined the City of Los Angeles, and on May 30, 2015, it kicked off its 100 Year Centennial Celebration with the Palms 22nd Annual Bike Rodeo.


The Bike Rodeo is an annual event where free bikes are given away to children in the community, and people are reminded that they are part of a community capable of doing really special things.


The Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments, along with numerous vendors and representatives who service Palms were on hand providing educational and fun children activities including a child safety show taught by American Red Cross and THE MUPPETS!


Nothing at this event can rival the joy on the face of a child receiving a free bike, but the music sure came close. The music was provided by the band known as The Seen ( They kept the energy up, playing a steady string of hits for everyone to enjoy, and even remembered what it is like to be a child by leading several rounds of ‘The Hokey Pokey’ just for the kids!


Lastly, a shout-out to the Neighborhood Council members who were on hand, and worked the event. It’s easy to just show up to for the event photo-op, and just as easy to look at the final product and forget that actual work was needed to get the job done, or even easier to not show up at all. Good job to the hard working Neighborhood Council Board and Committee members Marisa Stewart, Len Nguyen, Willie Bell, Wayne Byrd, Faye Johnson, Paulina Quaranta, Eduardo Mendoza, and introducing, Charles Miller.


We are excited to have captured and recorded this great event, in order for knowNEWS to bring you the FIRST PALMS BIKE RODEO VIDEO EVER!!


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