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On June 13, 2015, Nicholas ‘Nick’ Greif, Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s former Business Representative, currently Director of Policy and Legislation for Los Angeles City Councilmember David Ryu, and current Treasurer of the Palms Neighborhood Council (PNC), used his iPhone to secretly shoot and record the Black people in attendance at a special meeting of the Palms Neighborhood Council.

During the PNC meeting, our camera caught PNC Treasurer Nicholas ‘Nick’ Greif discriminately using his iPhone video camera to segregate, shoot, and secretly record the Black people who were in attendance, and spoke, at the PNC meeting.   It is without refute that Greif secretly shot and recorded only the Black people in attendance. Video footage shows that Greif would only position, and then reposition, and then reposition again, his camera only when anyone Black was speaking during the meeting. Greif never repositioned his camera to secretly record anyone else in attendance, or who spoke during the meeting, who was not Black.

Let’s take ‘race’ out of this situation for a moment… Palms Neighborhood Council Treasurer Nicholas ‘Nick’ Greif, a position gained through public election, secretly takes out his camera late into the meeting without any warning or knowledge to the other Council members. Greif knows what he is doing is wrong and, at the very least, against Council rules because he is captured, on camera, deliberately blocking his secret camera from sight using his water bottle, and then proceeds to look over his shoulder, checking to see if our cameraman is noticing. Our cameraman wasn’t at first, but our camera was, Nick… Greif continues to break the rules by secretly shooting and filming the Council, and then worsens his violation by using his camera to then secretly shoot and film people in the audience. On camera, Greif’s actions are seen to be willful, and thought out. Any argument against this position cannot be refuted while witnessing Greif, on camera, secretly move, turn, and angle his camera as he saw fit, while the meeting progressed.





As a rule, PNC board members are NOT allowed to use their personal property to record any Council meetings. If the Council wishes to record their meetings, they are free to do so, provided they make it known to the audience, use a designated, [usually] fixed camera, whose footage can be requested and obtained by anyone, via the Public Records Act (PRA). The rules regarding Council’s abilities to record their own meeting, differ from those rules and rights that allow members of the public from doing so, via The Brown Act, and are not directly nor seamlessly transferable to Council members.

After observing his behavior and actions since his start on the PNC in 2014, Nicholas ‘Nick’ Greif has proven to be the type of person that acts like he’s smarter than you, when he thinks that you aren’t, but then plays the part of the ignorant or the victim, when you are able to prove just how much smarter than he is, you in fact truly are… Greif has been brazenly breaking Council rules his whole term; many times speaking and behaving dishonestly to other Council and audience members in order to do so. When Greif believes that he is succeeding in his deceptions he is arrogant, rude, boisterous, ignores all rules of decorum and decency, and will openly say dishonest and inaccurate things, in order to obtain whatever goal he has set out for himself to claim.

In one case, Greif impudently, and openly lied in a PNC meeting stating that DONE (the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment that oversees and is supposed to preside over neighborhood councils) gave Greif permission to break the Council rules, as he saw fit. Greif was publicly thwarted and caught in his lies when PNC President Stewart countered Greif’s falsehoods by bringing to everyone’s attention that there are emails in existence, able to be produced from DONE and the President, that refute Greif’s lies, condemn Greif’s actions, and command that Greif follow the Council’s and Department’s rules and guidelines. Once Greif’s ruse was revealed, and his word, credibility, and name were proven that they could be soiled even further than they already had been, Greif’s argument, like him, quickly retreated and cowered into silence. Greif was no longer argumentative, abruptly ceased his campaign, and proceeded to pretend to sit at the nice big table, with the adults, like a good little boy, with his eyes open, and his mouth shut. Greif has broken the rules and lied so much in his first term it’s taken the efforts of PNC President Stewart, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Hawkins, and DONE to recurrently have to keep him in check, lest they have to send Greif back to the kiddy table…

Nicholas ‘Nick’ Greif has proven time, and time again, that he is deceptive, dishonest, and that his duplicity knows no bounds.  Then again, what do you expect from a guy whose name looks like grief, but sounds like strife? However, this latest act by Greif is quickly solidifying him as a discriminate, as this is not the first time that he has been tied to an incident involving race and the PNC. On May 6, 2015, during a PNC meeting, Greif publicly revealed that Los Angeles Commissioner Eli Lipmen’s friend and business associate, Lee Wallach of the Motor Avenue Improvement Association/Foundation/Farmer’s Market, was involved in an incident where Wallach committed a hate crime by physically attacking a non-violent Black man in a parking lot, and racially assaulting a Black woman later that same evening, on March 4, 2015, after a PNC meeting that night. What Greif decided to conveniently omit from his recital, was that Greif’s name appears in documents submitted to the Superior Court of California, that were used in the defense, and support of these attacks.

Greif’s name being included in Superior Court documents supporting racial assaults and attacks, and now Greif getting caught secretly shooting Black people with his camera, while on the job at the PNC, is disturbing, disappointing, and comes across as decisively racist. Greif would probably disagree, which is no surprise, considering what Greif has shown what he does actually agree with, since his start on the Palms Neighborhood Council. Nicholas ‘Nick’ Greif has shown to agree with:

Abusing his position as PNC Treasurer to commit extortion;

Abusing his position as PNC Treasurer to engage in collusion;

Abusing his position as PNC Treasurer to racially profile members of the Palms Neighborhood Council;

Abusing his position as PNC Treasurer to racially profile members of the public;

Abusing his position as PNC Treasurer to ignore rules and procedures to secretly record fellow Council members;

Abusing his position as PNC Treasurer to ignore rules and procedures to secretly record members of the public;

Abusing his position as PNC Treasurer by willingly breaking Council and Department rules;

Abusing his position as PNC Treasurer to cause the City of Los Angeles financial liability (which Greif single-handedly had the capability to prevent);

Abusing his position as PNC Treasurer to willingly deceive fellow Council members;

Abusing his position as PNC Treasurer to knowingly deceive members of the public.

 *Since the posting of this video, Nicholas Greif is no longer Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s Business Representative, and is now currently Director of Policy and Legislation for Los Angeles City Councilmember David Ryu.





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