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Nick Greif caught committing fraud and engaging in deceit, by perpetrating copyright infringement by illegally appropriating online media content from KNOWNEWS and KNOWNEWSONLINE.COM.



Nick Greif, political miscreant known for discriminating against people of color during Palms Neighborhood Council meetings and engaging in fraud and deceit by breaking funding rules, now stole a photo from a video off of our website KnowNewsOnline.com, and put it on his, which Greif is using to promote his presidential campaign in the local Palms neighborhood election. Before uploading the stolen photo to his website, Greif acted in ‘bad faith’ by cropping out and removing KnowNews’ protecting copyright watermark out of the picture, which read ‘Tabling of Motions to ‘Cut’ Funding KnowNews © 2014’; concealing the fact that Greif obtained the photo from KnowNewsOnline.com.


Greif then proceeded to upload the photo without citing that it belonged to KnowNews, in an attempt to mislead any who saw his website into thinking that the infringed content was in fact his, and not the property of KnowNews and KnowNewsOnline.com.


With assistance from Google (who also concurred that Greif committed copyright infringement), to track down Greif’s hosting provider, we sent a DMCA Takedown Notice (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to Greif’s web host provider Wix.com. After proving that we owned the copyright infringed content on Greif’s site, and that we wanted it removed, Wix complied by removing our stolen content immediately. After our content was removed, Greif attempted to play lawyer by disingenuously challenging the validity of our claim of ownership of OUR OWN CONTENT by referring to us as “demonstrably incorrect and subjectively dubious”, and that he is allowed to exercise his right to ‘campaign’; by using our stolen content and property, without permission no less (like this is still the year 1492). Well, we had a real attorney send Greif a Cease and Desist, highlighting how Greif had indeed broke the law, that his efforts were in ‘bad faith’, and emphasizing that we would exhaust all legal effort to pursue the protection of our content and property at all costs. Suffice to say that our effort was not in vein, as we prevailed, and our stolen content, remains safe at home, right here where it belongs…


In the pictures and video below you will see:


Our original picture and Greif’s cropped and infringed version:

KN NG PIC side by side


A copy of our DMCA Takedown Notice to Wix.com:



Greif’s disingenuous attempt to argue his right to steal and possess our property without permission:



Our attorney’s response proving that Nick Greif acted in ‘bad faith’ and broke the law:

Microsoft Word - Stewart, Fred (3743917) L1.docx

A little while ago, we caricatured Greif as a Nazi in one of our stories that highlighted Greif’s ‘Nazi-like’ discriminatory tactics during a meeting of the Palms Neighborhood Council. You know, the Nazis stole the swastika from ancient Africans, Buddhists, and Hindus, as well as priceless artifacts, heirlooms, and irreplaceable pieces of culture from the Jews of Germany and Eastern Europe, right? If you do not wish to be referred to as a ‘Nazi’, Nick, then maybe you should stop acting like one?


Nick Greif, by day is Los Angeles City Councilman David E. Ryu’s Director of Policy, and by night is the current treasurer for the Palms Neighborhood Council, and running for president in the current 2016 election.



*Fraud: The suggestion, as a fact, of that which is not true, by one who does not believe it to be true; the suppression of that which is true, by one having knowledge or belief of the fact; and any other act fitted to deceive.
Source: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=civ&group=01001-02000&file=1565-1590
*Deceipt: The assertion, as a fact, of that which is not true, by one who has no reasonable ground for believing it to be true, commonly referred to as negligent misrepresentation;
The suppression of a fact, by one who is bound to disclose it or who gives information of other facts, which are likely to mislead for want of communication of that fact, commonly referred to as concealment.
Source: http://www.kinseylaw.com/clientserv2/civillitigationserv/fraud/fraud.html and http://www.timkaren.com/fraud-and-deceit-what-are-the-legal-rules.html




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