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LAPD Officers were dispatched to the farmers market in Palms to tell market manager Lee Wallach to stop illegally kicking people off of public property, who LAPD Officers have stated and declared to have “every right to be there.”



*Lee Wallach – March 4, 2015 – The night Wallach was video recorded and witnessed committing a Hate Crime*


Lee Wallach, who manages the Motor Avenue Farmer’s Market, has a very detailed and recorded history of physically attacking and harassing people in Palms, inciting fights, menacing, committing perjury in Court documents, slander, libel, lying to the police, making false calls to the LAPD against innocent people, and has even been witnessed racially assaulting people of color. *We at KnowNews believe in facts, and would not make such statements unless we weren’t prepared to present the evidence necessary to defend our work in a Court of Law, against claims to the contrary. *


On Sunday, June 19, 2016, Michelle Obama’s organization, “Lets Move!” was kicking off International Yoga Day at the Motor Avenue Farmer’s Market in Palms (Los Angeles).   The event was to be opened by a reading of the United Nations Yoga Day Declaration, by a local Palms community leader, who “Lets Move!” had invited to open the event.





Before the local female community leader had a chance to participate in the opening ceremony, she was accosted by one of Lee Wallach’s employees, Evelin Tamayo, who tried to throw her out of the market (which is public property), and prevent her from taking part in the public event.



*Evelin Tamayo – June 19, 2016 – The day Tamayo was illegally trying to kick people off of public property, under Lee Wallach’s direct orders*


Evelin asserted, “Lee Wallach said that you’re not allowed in the market”. Evelin was asked how recent were Lee Wallach’s illegal orders issued to have the Palms’ community leader unlawfully banned by Wallach from public property, and Evelin responded that Wallach’s orders were issued “years ago.” Little did Evelin know that she was confessing and admitting to Lee Wallach’s long-standing policy and pursuit to harass, discriminate, and victimize the very same woman who Lee Wallach had already racially assaulted in front of a room full of people on March 4, 2015.




Knowing that Lee Wallach’s orders to leave, via his proxy Evelin, were illegitimate, the Palms’ leader ignored Evelin, carried out her opening ceremony duties (that the community leader was invited there to do), and then called the LAPD against Evelin’s pursuit of Lee Wallach’s harassing, and illicit demands.



When the two Officers arrived they spoke to both Evelin (who was on-site) and Lee Wallach (Wallach via telephone). The Officers stated to the victimized community leader, that they were very direct when speaking and reiterating the Law to both Lee Wallach and Evelin, and that she [the community leader] ‘had every right to be there [at the farmer’s market]’, and that Lee Wallach cannot throw her off of public property. In short, the Officers made it abundantly clear to the victimized woman that Lee Wallach is not only wrong, but that Lee Wallach is completely powerless in this matter.






While conversing with the LAPD, the community leader began to detail the types of harassment that she and her family had suffered “for years”, from Lee Wallach. She mentioned how dangerous of a liar Lee Wallach and his accomplices have proven themselves to be, and that she and her family do not feel safe being out in public without a camera. Hearing these accounts of harassment by Lee Wallach and his accomplices, one of the officers responded, “…you should not be walking around on public streets feeling threatened.”





Based on Wallach’s past behavior, it is not likely that Wallach will cease his harassment of people at the farmer’s market. Lee Wallach has been told by the LAPD, prior to this event, that he [Wallach] is not allowed to harass people by trying to kick them out and off of public property. In fact, one month prior to this event, on May 22, 2016, Lee Wallach made a false call to the LAPD and lied that a man of color was in violation of a restraining order, in order for Lee Wallach to try and get them arrested and removed from the market. When the LAPD arrived they learned that there was no restraining order, did not arrest the man of color that Lee Wallach wanted arrested, and told Lee Wallach that the man, who did not break any laws, had every right to be on public property.   The Officer who dealt with Lee Wallach in this matter revealed that Lee Wallach was “not happy”; when Wallach learned that the innocent man was not going to be falsely arrested.





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