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At the Palms Neighborhood Council (PNC) meeting on February 5, 2014, Mayor Garcetti’s newly appointed Commissioner to the Board of Neighborhood Councils (BONC), and current Palms Neighborhood Council President, Eli Lipmen was publicly caught trying to break and circumvent rules, in an effort to conspire and misappropriate public funds.

Lipmen had a secret committee meeting in order to pass funding motions, so that he could get them on the PNC’s agenda in an effort to pass them.  The motions total costs were near ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), with the money going to Lipmen’s campaign endorser Lee Wallach, of the Motor Avenue Improvement Association (MAIA), as the facilitator of these public funds.

Lipmen’s scheme started to fall apart when it was discovered that his committee meeting was in secret (which is a common, recorded, and well documented tactic, regularly employed by Lipmen to complete dealings without the public’s or PNC’s knowledge).  Though Lipmen and Wallach whined and squealed that the agenda for the meeting was publicly posted and not in secret (since the two of them were aware of its existence and in attendance), PNC board members publicly attested to not receiving any notification and had no knowledge of the meeting’s existence, and labeled Lipmen’s ruse as “disturbing”.

Further proof of Lipmen’s plot was made evident when it was proven that Lipmen deliberately passed his motions in the wrong committee!  This was not by accident, and was pounced upon quickly by disgusted and disgruntled PNC board members.  Throughout the video of the meeting, Lipmen tries to conjure smokescreen, after smokescreen, followed by excuse after excuse as to why he brought motions to the secret meeting to be passed, instead of taking them to the correct and appropriate committee meeting.  Though Lipmen tried and squirmed, he did not escape the fact that it was proven that what he did was deliberate, wrong, and that someone with his flaunted experience in the PNC knows better, and has no excuse for perpetrating such actions.  Lipmen was publicly condemned as trying to “avoid the committee process” in order to bring his collusion to fruition.



The final nail in the coffin for Lipmen’s scam came about when Lipmen’s and Wallach’s cratered past, and history of conflicts of interest were presented before the public by duty bound members of the PNC board.  Issues brought to light, in addition to this attempted misappropriation of funds, included Lee Wallach and Lipmen engaging in documented, recorded, and evidenced illegal activities during Lipmen’s political campaign, Lee Wallach and the MAIA entering into agreements and then breaking them when it suited their needs, Lipmen refusing to recuse himself to avoid a conflict of interest when issues regarding Wallach and the MAIA would arise for discussion, etc.…

Ultimately, Lipmen and Wallach were handily defeated.  The motions did not pass, and Lipmen and Wallach each ended up doing the walk of shame after the meeting.  Still, it’s evident that Lipmen is still Lipmen, regardless of Mayor Garcetti’s appointment.  Lipmen is still engaging in the same unethical and clandestine tactics that warranted multiple grievances being filed against him and the PNC, not to mention the fact that Lipmen’s continued use of such tactics means he is comfortable committing them and has no interest in stopping.

Mr. Mayor, did your people tell you everything you needed to know before you appointed Eli Lipmen over any other possible candidate?





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Key members of Los Angeles City Hall are relentlessly trying to prevent Eli Lipmen from being removed from office, by trying to cover up Lipmen’s criminal activities.



Eli Lipmen cheated, and stole the Palms Neighborhood Council (PNC) Presidency and has been breaking the law and committing fraud ever since to try and cover it up. By colluding with City Hall, Eli Lipmen has avoided any and all reprimand for every crime, violation, infraction, and instance of unethical behavior that he was proven to have either committed, or has been proven to be an accessory to since 2012.


 Los Angeles City Hall? Really?


The depth of this political drama continues to unfold with each botched attempt to cover it up by City Hall and Eli Lipmen. As of now, the rotating cast includes:


The Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney,

Ms. Martinez (City Attorney Rep.)

Ms. Lynn (City Attorney Rep.)

Graycie Liu (Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, a.k.a. ‘DONE’)

Stephen Box (DONE)

Leyla Campos (DONE)

Amber Meshack (DONE)

Dee Olomajeye (Councils for Councils)

Eli Lipmen (PNC President and Criminal)

Niall McMenamin (PNC, Lipmen conspirator)

Caroline Carr (PNC, Lipmen conspirator)

Jason Buchalter (PNC, Lipmen conspirator)

Neal Anderberg (PNC, Lipmen conspirator)

Lee Wallach of the Motor Avenue Improvement Association (MAIA, Lipmen conspirator and campaign endorser who engaged in illegal activities to help Lipmen cheat and steal the Palms election).


The idea of members of City Hall colluding with Eli Lipmen is discouraging. It’s even more disturbing that these same members of City Hall are getting paid and drawing salaries to cover up Eli Lipmen’s actions with taxpayer money. How many ‘work’ hours are being logged, and how much public money is being spent by City Hall, to aid and abet Eli Lipmen? 


Cover up? Really?


Why are we saying, ‘cover up’? How else can you explain City Hall knowing about, and Lipmen getting away with:


Publicly threatening PNC board members, publicly caught committing fraud, getting caught for having secret meetings, publicly caught lying to avoid punishment for cheating, publicly obstructing an investigation (which Lipmen was the subject of), publicly slandering citizens of the Palms’ community, fraudulently accusing innocent people of crimes (that Lipmen in fact committed and/or was an accessory to), publicly getting caught refusing to agendize items regarding his Censure/reprimand, fraudulently attempting to use false/or incomplete PNC meeting minutes to get motions passed, publicly and privately allowing and encouraging his conspirators to bully, badger, and demonize any “dissenting” members of the PNC board, publicly and privately allowing and encouraging his conspirators to withhold information from “dissenting”, non-conspiring members of the PNC board, publicly and privately allowing and encouraging his conspirators to slander citizens of the Palms’ community, as well as fraudulently accuse them of crimes… this is the short list folks.

There are months of eyewitness testimony, PNC board member testimony, revealed/exposed secret communications, photos, audio/video recordings, Grievances/Complaints filed, etc… Anybody, or any official, aiding Lipmen and City Hall in this cover up, without seeing ALL of the evidence first, must not want to get re-elected or interested in keeping their day job!


There is so much evidence against Eli Lipmen that City Hall, in each of their failed attempts to save him, has NEVER stated that Eli Lipmen is innocent, is being wrongly accused, or should be exonerated. NEVER. Why? Because they know that there is so much damning evidence against Lipmen, that it is impossible for them to LEGALLY come out and say that he’s innocent. City Hall has not provided ANY evidence refuting the substantiated evidence against Lipmen. Why? Because there isn’t any! SO WHY IS CITY HALL COVERING UP FOR ELI LIPMEN?


Still not convinced of a “cover up”?


Eli Lipmen did not want to get punished for cheating and stealing the Palms Election. Lipmen secretly formed a Committee; and together, had “secret meetings” to prevent Lipmen from being punished. They BOTH lied to PNC members and to the public to insure that their meetings remained secret. Lipmen publicly, and gratuitously, lied and stated that there were not any secret meetings, and was caught doing so on camera. If there is no City Hall cover up, then why is City Hall only trying to save Eli Lipmen, and not Lipmen’s Committee? According to sources, and AS YOU ARE READING THIS, the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney is feverishly trying to find ways to invalidate the Grievances/Complaints against Eli Lipmen, but NOT his Committee of co-conspirators. Though Lipmen AND his committee, BOTH, engaged in the same illegal activity and tactics, City Hall only wants to protect Lipmen. AGAIN, WHY IS CITY HALL COVERING FOR ELI LIPMEN?


You want another example?


Earlier this year, Jason Buchalter, Lipmen co-conspirator, resigned from the PNC over a conflict of interest deemed by DONE and City Hall, that claimed that Buchalter was too directly involved with the PNC donation of money to the neighborhood school that Buchalter works for. So Buchalter gets penalized and resigns, but Lipmen, with mountains of evidence proving his cover-ups since 2012, can stay? THAT’S WHAT LOS ANGELES CITY HALL SAYS!


Criminal Acts too?


We’ll keep it short… Neighborhood Councils are subject to following a law known as The Brown Act. Why? The Palms Neighborhood Council has enough power and authority in Palms to make decisions that affect everyone! They even get a say on how and what the community’s tax dollars are being spent on. That’s why they are NOT allowed to meet in secret, have secret meetings, and they definitely cannot lie to keep things hidden from the public. ALL meetings have to be transparent and public because of The Brown Act. IT’S THE LAW, AND THERE ARE PENALTIES!!


     “Each member of a legislative body who attends a meeting of that legislative body where action is taken in violation of any provision of this chapter, and where the member intends to deprive the public of information, to which the member knows or has reason to know the public is entitled, under this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

(http://www.lacityneighborhoods.com/documents/brownact.pdf, page 21, § 54959)

Yes it’s THAT serious…


Now we’re not experts on The Brown Act. But after reading it, it sure looks like all of Lipmen’s clandestine activities are Brown Act violations to us… And if Lipmen and City Hall are engaging in political espionage over this, what else are they doing in secret?


And just so we’re clear…


We’re not in the business of engaging in criminal activity or fraud, like the ones we’re reporting about. We’ve seen evidence and have heard testimony from sources to remain confident in our report of these findings. So if we state that someone “publicly lied”, or if we use the term, “secret meeting”, then we were presented with enough evidence to report that there was a “secret meeting” that someone “publicly lied” about. We’re naming names and reporting about SCANDAL and COVER UP in LOS ANGELES ‘FREAKING’ CITY HALL?! We’d be crazy to report this if there wasn’t any evidence to back this up, right? So, yeah…




            …in the ongoing struggle between good, and Eli Lipmen? As this quagmire is still ongoing, only time will tell. We’ll do our best to keep you updated along the way… If you have questions maybe YOU should contact, or just go on down to Los Angeles City Hall and ask them? Or better yet, contact or just go on down to the Palms Neighborhood Council and ask Eli Lipmen. Let him know what you read about him and his conspirators, and ask him if it’s true or not; a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice. SPOILER ALERT: He probably won’t answer you, and he might even tell you that he doesn’t have to; but he should. If he’s innocent, why not, right? Lipmen will probably let the City Hall reps in attendance answer for him. Of course, they won’t say he’s innocent either, but if you’ve got the time you may as well ask. While you’re there you can also ask any of the elected City Hall reps, or any of the non-conspiring majority of PNC board members, why they are allowing Lipmen to run amok, and if any of them are concerned about failing the people of Palms, or if any of the board members even care about getting re-elected? Don’t worry. If you don’t ask, we will…

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE)

200 North Spring Street, Suite 2005
, Los Angeles, CA 90012
,  Tel: (213) 978-1551
, Fax: (213) 978-1751, Email: info@empowerla.org


Palms Neighborhood Council (PNC)

IMAN Center (7pm, first Wednesday of the month), 3376 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034, Email: secretary@palmsla.org


Los Angeles City Attorney

200 N. Main Street, Room 800, Los Angeles, CA 90012-4131,   MS 140, Tel: (213) 978-8100, http://www.atty.lacity.org






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